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Q1. When did MuStar establish?

MuStar Lighting Corporation is founded in 2007 by a team of professionals with expertise and passion in LED technology.  The company is located close to Hsinchu Science Park (Taiwan's Silicon Valley) where the most advanced and completed LED supply chain is located in the world.

Q2. Do you have your own manufactory?

MuStar has ISO-certified factory located in Taiwan, specialising in manufacturing LED miniature light bulbs and aiming for the Asian-Pacific and American markets.

Q3. What are your primary products? 

The primary products of MuStar are LED miniature light bulbs.  All products are patented with exclusive technology.  There are three main concepts in our design: delight, elegant and secure.
Delight : Excellent light output (i.e. soft and non-glare) for building up a pleasant atmosphere or surrounding.
Elegant : Design with 100% traditional bulb-like incandescent shape. 
Secure : Tightly sealed metal base and glass and fire resistance material making the bulb absolutely safe and reliable. 
IP65 dust and waterproof with electrostatic shock withstand capability; more than 50,000 ON/OFF cycles and 25,000 life hours for reliable operation.

Q4. What are the varieties of lamp sockets and voltage?

MuStar offers products for different market and regions. Therefore, assorted lamp sockets and different lamp voltage are available including AC and DC.  Furthermore, MuStar welcomes strategic business alliances for collaborating on new design projects, fulfilling the needs of particular socket or voltage. Low voltage, like AC/DC12V, AC/DC 24V or AC/DC 60V is under development, and will be announced to the public in near future.

Q5. What's your product lifetime & warranty?

Our products have gone through internal testing in accordance with the Energy Star requirements. The declared lifetime is 25,000 hours in retail. Lifetime is defined when light output drops below 50% of initial output. We offer 2~5 years warranty depends on different product lines.

Q6. What's Mustar's main markets & market position?

We supply bulbs to USA, Japan, Germany, and 20+ other countries. MuStar has successfully gained the number one market share in the sector of LED decorative light bulbs in Japan. The company will persist in striving to provide world-class and cost-effective LED miniature light bulbs.

Q7. What are the profits and benefits from business cooperation with MuStar?
       What is the uniqueness of the products makes the products unique from others?

MuStar is capable of offering customers the most complete and exclusive ODM product lines in LED miniature light bulbs.  Because of the popularity and uniqueness of the products, our customers are able to take initiative and seize the opportunity to develop and build up business in local booming LED market. 

Q8. How can we start the business cooperation? What's your leadtime? What's your MOQ?

Please contact us via phone (+886-3-6578155) or email with your inquiries and a representative will assist you promptly.

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